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Show results 2018

The challenge results from our 2018 shows. (Variety is only recorded for the Variety Supreme Challenge and Stud Buck Challenge.)

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Newcastle, April 2018      
Variety Supreme Challenge Owner Breeder Variety
1: [Awaiting results]
Stud Buck Challenge      
1: [Awaiting results]
Pet Supreme Challenge      
1: Azuline Bugatti Oliver Farrell Zoë Lumour
2: Azuline Twirlwind Zoë Lumour Zoë Lumour
3: Feegle Inconceivable! Fiona Milton Fiona Milton
4: Beans On Toast Kasia Zyber
5: Azuline Manta Rey Zoë Lumour Zoë Lumour
6: Azuline Pablo Robert Beare Zoë Lumour
Preston, February 2018      
Variety Supreme Challenge Owner Breeder Variety
1: Halley's Comet Teena Madden Agouti kitten
2: Isamu Honeymonster Jemma Fettes Jemma Fettes Agouti doe
3: Accidentally in Love Leia Morrison   Russian blue doe
4: Andromeda Teena Madden   Silver fawn kitten
Stud Buck Challenge      
1: Black Lupin Oban Helen Belton Claire Roberts Agouti rex
2: Black Lupin Benromach Helen Belton Claire Roberts Agouti rex
3: Gallifrey Fool of a Took Catherine Mace Catherine Mace Siamese
Pet Supreme Challenge      
1: [Awaiting results]      
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