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Rat-keeping articles and information

Health General care & information Show articles
First aid for rats Why rats need company Preventing show-related infection
Metacam Buying rats from petshop General show information
Steroids   Show preparation
Quarantining rats Rat Cafe How to show your rats
Recommended vets From fatness to fitness What do pet judges look for?
Infection and safe practice Feeding for condition Rosettes and trophies
  Autumnal revelries Championships
Training & behaviour Keeping cool Fun events
Agility training   Show results archive
Training your rat Other rat-related websites * Show photos
Habitat & husbandry Rat Guide Standards, show rules, etc
Furnishing a cage - a rat's eye view Cosy Beds and Burrows NFRS variety standards (pdf)
  Betty’s Beds Show schedule - Varieties
Other UK rat clubs * The Ratwarehouse Show schedule - Pets
National Fancy Rat Society Show rules
Yorkshire Rat Club Scarletts Parrot Essentials Guidance notes for the entry form
Midlands Rat Club Northern Parrots  
Scottish Rat Club RatsRatsRats NERS members' websites *
  Fuzzbutts The Scuttling Gourmet
Forums and groups * The Dapper Rat Hawthorn Rat Varieties
Fancy Rats forum DustFreeHay The BatRats
Rat Care UK The Hay Experts
Rat Rescue Network UK  

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