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The next NERS show

Welcome to our NERS/NFRS 1* & 1* Carlisle dual shows on Saturday 14 July 2018 at:

St Mark's Church Hall

Doors will open to exhibitors at 9.15am. Rats should be benched by 9.45am and judging will start at 10am prompt. Non-showing visitors are welcome after 11.30am. Venue photos and further information here.
Please note that the earlier starting times - we're expecting a busy day!

Show Secretary:
Show Manager:
NFRS Varieties Judge: Coleen Gruber
NERS Varieties Judge: Chris Gray
Pet Judges: Lisa Maurin & Zoë Lucock

Entry deadline for both shows is 10.30pm on Wednesday 11th July. No late entries will be accepted to this show.

Please send entries via our online entry form, although the Show Sec can be emailed if you encounter problems.

The venue for this next show is being shared between NERS and the NFRS. Therefore, all your rats can be entered in both the NERS 1* show and the NFRS 1* show in the same venue. This will give you an extra chance to win cards, rosettes, and stars, an extra critique from another judge, and a great fun day out with all of our NERS and NFRS members and friends.

Each rat may be entered into all three of the standard show sections (NFRS varieties, NERS varieties, NERS pets). Please note there will be no Agility section at this show.

Fees, per exhibit Members Non-members
Standard entries (Variety/Pet section) £1.50 £2.50
Late entries (Variety/Pet section) £2.50 £3.50
Agility (no agility at the Carlisle show) £1.00 £1.00
Please note that entry fees are payable in full, including any withdrawals made after the entry deadline. Payment can be made in cash on the day of the show or via PayPal - the Show Sec will provide details as part of the entry confirmation.
Hire tanks cost £1.50 per tank. Hire tanks are capped at a maximum of two tanks per exhibitor. If you need to hire more than two, this can sometimes be arranged by prior arrangement and exception only. New exhibitors will be given priority. Please note that hire tanks do not include substrate or moisture source so you will need to bring your own.
All shoulder rats must be registered prior to the show as they need to be health checked. There is no charge for bringing shoulder rats.

NERS rat shows aim to provide a meeting place for rat lovers from around the region whether or not they wish to exhibit their rats. Things you can do at this show include:

  • NERS Emporium
  • Cromarty's Cuddle Corner
  • Fun events
  • Light meals and refreshments - please contact the Show Manager (by the show entry deadline) to discuss any dietary restrictions
  • Raffle - donations welcome!
  • Stalls including Cosybedsandburrows, Smiley Face Rat Foods. All stalls need to be pre-registered, so if you're interested please email the Show Manager.

If you are new to showing these guides may be helpful:
Showing at NERS shows
Show preparation

You can also connect with others hoping to attend via our public Facebook page. If you have any further questions feel free to ask!

Usual infection control rules apply:
Please do not bring your rats if you have had - or had contact with -

  • Any acute (new) infection related illness or unexpected deaths in the past 2 weeks;
  • Brought in any new rats over the past 2 weeks;
  • Been to any other shows or gatherings of rats in the past 2 weeks;
  • Any rat related contact with rats of unknown background (eg rescue centre, pet shop) in the past 2 weeks;
  • A virus within a small group of rats within the past 4 weeks:
  • A virus within a group of 15 or more rats, or when raising a litter within the past 8 weeks.
Individual circumstances will be considered, if you are unsure whether or not you can attend with your rats please contact the show sec by email on Help us to keep your rats safe!

For your information:
Our next event will be the NERSfest in Sunderland on Saturday 11 August 2018. For future show dates, please refer to our show calendar.

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