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Hall of fame

Here you can find lists of the championships that have been awarded in the club's recent history. There are also separate pages with more information about the show championships and the Longevity award scheme, and a show results archive with the challenge results from our shows.

If your rat has attained a championship or you have applied for a longevity award, this will be acknowledged in Rattitude and on the website. You can contribute to the website content by submitting a photo of your rat to the webmaster for inclusion in the relevant Hall of fame (please note that this only applies to championships and not longevity awards). Please state your name and the name of the rat.

Please contact the webmaster if you do not wish to be listed on these pages, or if your rat has been awarded a championship/longevity award but doesn't appear on the list (and any other errors/omissions).

Hall of fame: Pet championships (updated 01/05/2017)

Hall of fame: Varieties championships (updated 01/11/2016)

Hall of fame: Stud Buck championships (updated 17/06/2017)

Hall of fame: Grand championships (updated 01/11/2016)

Hall of fame: Agility championships (updated 01/11/2016)

Hall of fame: Longevity awards 2016-2017 (updated 09/08/2017)

Hall of fame: Longevity awards 2014-2015

Hall of fame: Longevity awards 2012-2013

Hall of fame: Longevity awards 2010-2011

Hall of fame: Longevity awards 2005-2009

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