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List of NERS member breeders

The table below lists members of the NERS who also breed rats. We provide this information to help you to locate a responsible breeder in your area. Please click on the rattery name to be redirected to their website (or email address, if applicable). Please note that inclusion on the list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the society. Prospective owners are encouraged to spend time researching breeders with the view to find someone whose ethics and breeding practices they feel comfortable with. Getting rats from a breeder is a two-way relationship, ideally one which both parties will find rewarding and important. Prospective owners should feel happy with their chosen breeder, just as much as the breeder need to satisfy themselves that their kittens will be going to a good home.

Rattery name (click for details) Breeder's name Location
Azuline Rattery Zoë Lucock Llysfaen, North Wales
Ellfin Rats April Hearnah Braintree, Essex
Gallifrey Stud Cat Mace Morley, West Yorkshire
Harkyle Rats Teena Madden Glasgow, Scotland
Hawthorn Stud toyah Leitch Glasgow, Scotland
Isamu Stud Jemma Fettes Leyland, Lancashire
Lilliput Stud Lilly Hoyland Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Lovecraft Stud Lisa Maurin Lancaster, Lancashire
Lumos Rats Ryan Jolley Wigan, Greater Manchester
Mimble Rattery Helen Belton Consett, County Durham
Renegade Rats Hannah Field Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Stovokor Rattery Laura Holt Wigan, Greater Manchester
Tenebrae Stud Doug Connor Banbury, Oxfordshire
White Mage Rattery Amy Aindow Skelmersdale, Lancashire
Zephyr Stud Mary Giles
Meldreth, Cambridgeshire

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