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Following the government announcement on avoiding all non essential contact to control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) the upcoming shows are subject to being cancelled.

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NERS Hall of fame: Grand championships

The grand championship was retired at the 2018 AGM and we introduced grand variety, grand pet, grand stud, and the grand agility championship. Each of these is awarded to any rat that earns double the number of points for a regular championship.

Grand championships (under new points system)

Photo Award Rat name Owner Breeder/origin Year awarded
(awaiting photo) Grand Stud Azarath Azazel Melanie Smith Kayelee Wright
(awaiting photo) Grand Agility Isamu Hot Potato Jemma Fettes Jemma Fettes
(awaiting photo) Grand Variety Isamu Waggledance Jemma Fettes Jemma Fettes

Grand championships awarded (6 Pet challenge points + 4 Varieties/Stud Buck challenge points required)

Photo Rat name Owner Breeder/origin Year awarded
Isamu Tomatin Isamu Tomatin Helen Belton Jemma Fettes 2017
(awaiting photo) Hawthorn All Feeling toyah Leitch toyah Leitch 2017
Lovecraft Tobermory Lovecraft Tobermory Helen Belton Lisa Maurin 2016
Lovecraft Avanti Lovecraft Avanti Lisa Maurin Lisa Maurin 2016
Lovecraft Hilly Lovecraft Hilly Linda Frances Lisa Maurin 2015
Lovecraft Tiny Rebel Lovecraft Tiny Rebel Sharon & Adrian Erb Lisa Maurin 2015
Eximius Mimosa Eximius Mimosa Helen Belton Lloyd Allington 2015
Lovecraft Boucephalon Beefcake Lovecraft Boucephalon Beefcake Arthur McGiven Lisa Maurin 2015
Isamu Da Vinchi's Toad Isamu Da Vinci's Toad Jemma Fettes Jemma Fettes 2015
Lovecraft Hermes Trismegistus Lovecraft Hermes Trismegistus Arthur McGiven Lisa Maurin 2014
Lovecraft Hellibel Lovecraft Hellibel Lisa Maurin Lisa Maurin
Lilliput Dookie Lilliput Dookie Lilly Hoyland Lilly Hoyland 2014
Lovecraft Dig deep Lovecraft Dig deep Lisa Maurin Lisa Maurin 2013
Brandywine Get yer hat on! Brandywine Get yer hat on! Donna Dunn Annette Rand 2013
Honeyduke Behind the Sun Honeyduke Behind the Sun Hannah Field Stacey Cochrane 2013
Lovecraft Eliza Lovecraft Eliza Donna Dunn Lisa Maurin 2013
Isamu Honeymoon Isamu Honeymoon Lisa Maurin Jemma Fettes 2013
Lilliput Mnemosyne Lilliput Mnemosyne Lilly Hoyland Lilly Hoyland 2012
Atlas Thumping Padiham Atlas Thumping Padiham Lisa Maurin Kyra Murray 2012
Eximius Guardian of the Dawn Eximius Guardian of the Dawn Stacey Cochrane Lloyd Allington 2011
Shunamite Pinball Wizard Shunamite Pinball Wizard Lilly Hoyland Alison Campbell 2010


From the archives: Pre-2008 Grand championships, when 4 Pet challenge points and 4 Varieties/Stud Buck challenge points were required (likely not an exhaustive list)

Rat name Owner
Laika Ickle Lamb Gwen Hemsley
Matrix Terry Anna Gordon
Shunamite Tabi Dream On Alison Campbell
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