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Our show venues - Preston

Christ Church, Victoria Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 8NE. However if you are using satnav then PR2 8PD is a better postcode to use.
Visitor parking is on surrounding narrow residential side roads. There is a small carpark at the back of the hall on Higher Bank Road, however it's best to assume that this will be full with committee and stallholder's cars.
The main door is on the side of the hall, full disabled access. There is also a small door at the back of the hall.

View of the church itself from Victoria Road. The church hall which we use for the shows is an entirely separate building to the east of the church (slightly further down the road in this direction).
Gateway from Victoria Road. The church is the stone building on the left, the hall is the red brick building on the right. Wheelchair users note the small stone lip.
Slightly closer view of the previous photo. In nice weather, people wanting a break from the show environment sometimes sit on the grass here.
Having turned right after the last photo, this is the view of the main hall door. This entrance is fully wheelchair accessible.
Closer view of the main door, showing internal door from the lobby into the hall.
View from the lobby into the hall.
As the sign indicates, toilets are down the passageway to the right. For any kitchen volunteers, the doorway on the left is the kitchen.
Passageway the toilets are all off. Mens is first on the right, ladies second on the right, and disabled is at the end. The rail (owned by the hall) is a hazard, but is normally moved in front of the noticeboard in the lobby as it doesn't block access there.
Small carpark at the back of the hall on Higher Bank Road (which is oneway, right to left in this photo). Priority use given to committee, support, and stall holders.
Small door with step from the carpark. This used to be the main door that we used, however as noted by the sign on the door we're now moving to use the side door as the main entrance.
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