Latest news 14-04-2020 @ 11:00:

Following the government announcement on avoiding all non essential contact to control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) the upcoming shows are subject to being cancelled.

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Rosettes and trophies

For each show, the society provides rosettes for all the variety sections (self, russian, AOV, etc) and 1st to 4th in the supreme and pet challenges. There is also a stud buck, novice and junior exhibitor rosette for the variety classes and a range of special pet awards for the pet classes - Best overall fitness, Best coat condition, Best presented, Most relaxed, Most engaging, Most affectionate, Most confident, Best relationship, and Best rescue. The agility challenge also has its own sets of rosettes. Because we award 1st to 4th in the variety challenge we do not award a best opposite sex rosette. These rosettes are provided by the society in club colours (purple, lilac, kingfisher and navy). Each rosette has a centre printed with the society logo.

We also run a member sponsorship scheme for the variety classes, at £10 for six rosettes (which last at least one year or longer if it is a variety that isn't always shown). The rosettes are awarded for each variety class to either the best adult or the best kitten of that variety.

Trophies are awarded only at our annual cup show in October. They are kept for the year (awarded to members only) and must be returned before the next cup show. All of the major awards have space for annual engraving.

The society rosettes and trophies are managed by a committee support worker. If you have any queries about the NERS rosettes or trophies, or would like to sponsor a rosette, please contact our rosette and trophy officer.

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