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Show entries - Newcastle Christmas Show - 15th December 2018

Please submit your show entries using this form:

Your details

(Junior: under 16)
(Two kittens of different varieties may share a tank)
(Not available at this show)

Is this your first time entering a NERS show?  


† New exhibitors will be given priority for hire tanks. Hire tanks do not include substrate or moisture source so you will need to bring your own.


Entries: 0       

We will be holding a breeder group class at this show.

In the breeder group class, four rats are shown as one entry. As well as being judged to their individual variety standards, the four will be judged as one overall group, with the judge looking for consistency and quality over the four entries. The winning group will show clear family consistency, showing the skill and art of the breeder in creating and maintaining a quality line of rats.

The four rats must be from one line, all bred by one breeder, and of either the same or complementary varieties. They can be any combination of sexes, and at least two must be adults. At least two must be owned by the breeder, and no more than two can be from one litter. The class will be judged after the standard varieties classes by the nominated varieties judge, or by another qualified varieties judge in attendance.

To enter, send an email to with the name, age, owner, and variety of the rats you wish to enter for each group by the show entry deadline.

Entries cost

Please ensure your details and entries are correct, then click 'Submit entries'. The form will go to the show secretary and you will also receive a copy to the email address you have provided.

Varieties & Pet entries 0 x £1.50 = £0.00
Agility entries 0 x £1.00 = £0.00
Shoulder rats 0 x £0.00 = £0.00
Hire tanks: 0 x £1.50 = £0.00
Purchase tanks 0 x £12.50 = £0.00
Total cost: £0.00

By submitting your show entry, you agree to NERS sending you an email confirmation your entry, and for the Show Secretary to email you about your entry.
It may also be necessary for other NERS Committee and Support Staff to have your name and contact information to process your entry.
Your data is never shared with 3rd parties and kept for the minimum amount of time needed for its purpose. For more information check our Privacy Policy.


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