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Guidance notes for filling out the show entry form

Rat name
This should include the breeder's prefix, where applicable (e.g "Bardwell's Elsa").

This should include:

  • Coat colour
  • Markings
  • Coat type (only rex and satin need to be specified)
  • Ear type (only dumbo needs to be specified)

eg. "Russian blue hooded dumbo" or "agouti rex".

Breeder's name
This is the firstname and surname of the breeder - not their rattery or stud name.

In the case of rescues, approximate age can be given.

The NERS uses the NFRS variety schedule as follows (correct as of 2015):

  • New Varieties: Apricot Agouti, Bareback, Blue Point Himalayan (both eye colours), Cinnamon Chinchilla, Coffee, Cream Agouti, Essex Capped, Havana, Havana Agouti, Hooded Downunder, Merle, Powder Blue, Pink Eyed Ivory, Russian Buff, Russian Burmese, Russian Dove Agouti, Russian Pearl, Satin, Turpin, Variegated Downunder.
  • Self: PEW, Champagne, Buff, Platinum, Quicksilver, British Blue, Black, Chocolate, Mink, Ivory.
  • Marked: Berkshire, Badger, Irish, Hooded, Variegated, Capped, Essex, Chinchilla, Squirrel, Roan, Striped Roan.
  • Russian: Russian Blue, Russian Dove, Russian Blue Agouti, Russian Topaz.
  • Shaded: Argente Crème, Himalayan, Siamese, Blue Point Siamese, Burmese, Wheaten Burmese, Golden Himalayan.
  • AOV: Cream, Topaz, Silver Fawn, Silver, Agouti, Cinnamon, British Blue Agouti, Lilac Agouti, Pearl, Cinnamon Pearl, Platinum Agouti.
  • Rex: Self Rex, Marked Rex, Russian Rex, Shaded Rex, AOV Rex.
  • Dumbo: Self Dumbo, Marked Dumbo, Russian Dumbo, Shaded Dumbo, AOV Dumbo, Rex Dumbo.
  • Guide Standard: Golden Siamese, Lilac, Marten, Russian Silver, Russian Silver Agouti, Sable Burmese, Silver Agouti, Spotted Downunder.

If you have any questions regarding your entries or if you are unsure of which class to enter your rat in, please contact the Show Secretary.

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