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NERS committee 2011-12

Elected by the membership at the 2011 AGM.

Position Name
Chair Alison Campbell
Honorary Secretary Lilly Hoyland
Treasurer Alison Triggs
Membership Secretary Mary Giles
Newsletter Editor Alison Campbell
Show Secretary Lloyd Allington
Trading Officer Gwen Murray
Rescue Fund Co-ordinator Trish Storey
Pet Initiative Co-ordinator Jemma Fettes
General Committee Members Stacey Cochrane
Andy Murray
Vicki Seddon

NERS committee support roles 2011-12

Voted in by the new committee at the 2011 AGM. Support workers do not have a committee vote.

Position Name
Breeding and Varieties Advisors Sandra & Graham Mobbs
Junior Liaison Kyra Murray (Laura Groves)
Award Scheme Co-ordinator Stacey Cochrane
Rosette and Trophy Officer Alison Triggs
Webmaster Lisa Maurin
Publicity Lloyd Allington (Vicki Seddon)
Fun Events Co-ordinator
Fun Events Team
Beri Instone (acting)
Alison Campbell, Jemma Fettes, Sarah Haggarty, Trish Storey
Reports Officer Beri Instone
General Advisor toyah Leitch

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