Latest news 14-04-2020 @ 11:00:

Following the government announcement on avoiding all non essential contact to control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) the upcoming shows are subject to being cancelled.

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Promoting excellence in the care and breeding of fancy rats
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Welcome to the North of England Rat Society (NERS)

The society was birthed in June 2001 by a diverse group of ratters who were keen to see a democratic rat club representing the interests of rat lovers in the North of England. The society, whilst serious about the rat as an exhibition animal, has always maintained a heavy bias towards the rat as a splendid companion animal. This is reflected in our constitution:

  • To uphold and encourage the fancy rat as an excellent pet and exhibition animal.
  • To safeguard the interests of the fancy rat, and support the rat fancy in general.
  • To advocate and champion the highest quality of rat care.
  • To advance safe and reputable breeding practices.
  • To adopt and promote the NFRS 'standards of excellence', by which fancy rats should be judged.
  • To encourage and maintain optimum practice in judging and show management.
  • To provide help and support for rat keepers throughout the North of England and surrounding areas.
Today our membership continues to grow, and as well as regular shows around the region we also produce a quarterly magazine which is packed full of informative and fun rat-related articles. Our shows are not just an event for people who want to exhibit fancy rats, but a warm and generous environment where all those who are enthralled by rats can gather to celebrate them, learn more about them and stock up on rat-related goodies from our shop. We provide catering, children's activities, fun events for the rats, a range of pet classes and a full variety schedule.

Alison Campbell
NERS founding member

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Lovecraft Afterglow (photo by Lisa Maurin)
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